Cardinal John Baptist Wu
Bishop of Hong Kong 

Cardinal John Baptist Wu’s Coat-of-Arms, like all Bishops’ Coats-of-Arms, symbolizes his person and his ideals, his life and his Diocese. The Episcopal Hat with its tresses and the Pectoral Cross symbolize the authority and responsibilities he received at his Episcopal Ordination to guide and comfort his flock. 

The upper part of Cardinal Wu’s Coat-of-Arms shows a dove which symbolizes the Holy Spirit, who guided him as seminarian and as priest, and has continued to guide him as Bishop. 

The lower part is a picture-map of his life. It was at the confluence of two rivers 河 口 that he was born - in the Country of Ng Wa 五 華, in the Province of Kwantung 廣 東 China. 

On the right hand shore the plum blossoms, in Chinese Mooi Yuen 梅 縣, signify his home Diocese where he studied for eight years in the preparatory and minor seminaries. The blossoms also symbolize LOVE (CARITATE), the second key word in his Motto. 

On the left hand shore, the burning torch shows the natural-gas county at Maoli 苗 栗, in the province of Taiwan 台 灣, where he worked for eighteen of the years of his priestly life. This torch also symbolizes the light of TRUTH (VERITATEM) the first key word in his Motto. 

As the rivers come from different directions and flow towards the “Fragrant Harbour” - the meaning of “Hong Kong” - so the different opinions, ‘quot homines tot sententiae’, under the guidance of the Spirit, unite eventually to become one in charity. As the Junk and the Ferry sail quietly and pass each other peacefully in the harbour, so the ancient culture of the East and modern technology of the West meet here in Hong Kong and enrich each other. 

Underneath is a red scroll with his Motto:

These latin words mean TRUTH IN LOVE and are translated in two Chinese sentences with the Dove in between. The Motto expresses briefly his vision and dedication and is taken from St. Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians. “If we live the truth in love, we shall grow in all ways into Christ, who is the head” (Eph. 4:15).




高冠、十五絮頭的絲帶和十字架,象徵樞機的職權。其他圖案設計,表達他個人的身世背境及理想抱負 。


象徵天主聖神,領導他修道晋鐸,善盡牧職,不辱使命,服務 人,造福社會 。




代表他原梅縣教區;他在該區受洗修道,完成中小學教育。梅花也可象徵「仁愛」,這是他的座右銘之一 。








是他的座右銘,拉丁文,意即「力行仁愛,實踐真理」,也可見於徽上白鴿兩側;語出聖保祿宗徒書信:「我若力行仁愛,實踐真理,則將在元首基督內成長。 」(4:15)