The top of the shield incorporates the Great Wall of China and the bottom of the shield is a view from Hong Kong Island, to the Lion Rock. These two elements express graphically that we who live in Hong Kong keep abreast of the Church in China.


Within the shield the theme is what is described by St. Paul: “that the Lord does not give us a spirit of timidity but rather the spirit of power and love and self-discipline… So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord, but join with me in suffering for the Gospel.” (2 Tim 1:7-8)


The dove in the centre of the shield represents the life-giving Holy Spirit pouring forth his gifts upon us; on the left a burning heart expresses charity and love, and on the right the scales represent fairness. The book of the scriptures and the palm remind us that we should nor fear even to give up our lives in sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel.


As hard as we have tried, and in spite of our achievement, we must go forth. We are not always sure where the road will lead us and there will be many trials and challenges, but the Lord will always be walking with us… after his Last Supper, the Lord Jesus told his disciples: “Arise, let us go forth from here!” (John 14:31). These are the words of the Episcopal motto inscribed on the ribbon below the shield, in Latin and Chinese.









牧徽上的主要訓勉來自保祿對弟茂德的勸諭:「天主所賜給我們的,並非怯懦之神,而是大能、愛德和慎重之神……要依賴天主的大能,為福音同我共受勞苦。」 (弟後1:7-8)




不管我們盡了多少力、有多大成就,我們仍須向前奮進;不管前路多艱辛,有多大考驗,主必與我們同行──這是最後晚餐後,主耶穌對門徒所說的話:「起來,我們從這裡走罷!」 (14:31) 綵帶上的拉丁與中文,記述的就是這句訓言